Wait for the Lord; be strong and

let your heart take courage;

wait for the Lord! – Psalm 27:14


It’s Lent.  We wait for death.  Many of us are looking out our windows and see the dirty snow and soggy yards with last year’s dead leaves.  Yes, we have a few warm days here and there, but not much sun.  The ominous gray clouds drag along the tops of bare trees.  All around us is the dirge of death.


Even in our Sunday worship we put away the “Alleluia” during the 40 days of Lent.  The somber purple of the altar paraments, the sad hymns, and the story of the Passion all remind us that we are waiting for a death.

We wait for the death of Jesus.  And then, He died!  Can you place yourself with the disciples?  With his mother?  With the children who were blessed by him?  Jesus died and they wept.  A friend, a teacher, and a son was gone.  A dream that the Messiah had finally come, that He would sit on the throne in Jerusalem, was not fulfilled.

For three days darkness hung over Mary, Peter, the remaining disciples, and you and me.

Yet…still we wait.

The Psalmist says, “Be strong and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”  Yes!!

The clouds are lifting, there are the new leaves opening.  Can you see the purple crocus poking through the snow?  The driveways and parking lots are dry – no boots today!

Open your window!  Can you hear the sound of life?  We wait 40 days; it is good for us to wait and to reflect.  The earth waits too – still and dark and empty.

The sun will soon rise higher and brighter.  The daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses will soon be blooming.  This year on April 1 we will raise our voices higher and brighter because Jesus Christ is risen from the dead.

He died for you and for me.


He lives for you and for me.

Rejoice, as we continue on our Lenten journey.  Because the best is yet to come!


                                                           Pastor Devie




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