This article was printed in the July/August 1993 St. Martin Communicator.  I thought it would be appropriate to reprint the article 25 years later in our 175th anniversary year.  (There are some changes as I have changed in 25 years, but it’s still relevant for all time and ages.)



And the living is easy


Unless you are trying to eat a vanilla ice cream cone

Covered with rainbow sprinkles

On a hot summer’s day.


There he stood

My 4 year old grandson

His soggy cone drips

His shirt

His hands

His face

Share richly his favorite flavor

(With sprinkles)


And Grammy says, “Look, you’ve got it all over yourself.”


Ice cream seems to be a favorite “go to” in the summer.  We all have our favorite flavors, from simply vanilla and chocolate to exotic flavors at specialty stores.  You remember your mom and dad taking you to the corner ice cream store or stand.  It was so good, especially during the summer months. 


The ice cream cone is eaten lick by lick.  I enjoyed the sugar cones and bit off the bottom.  I’m not sure why I did this except that I wanted to get a taste of the delicious sugar cone.  Biting off the end of a cone is good for catching the melting cone before it drips all over the place.  It doesn’t matter how big your ice cream cone is (have you ever eaten a big sugar cone with the top dipped in chocolate and sprinkles?)  Ice cream will always melt and drip.


I think God’s grace is quite like an ice cream cone.  And there are many flavors.  Let me list a few:  faith, hope, love, forgiveness, joy, knowledge, wisdom, patience, mercy, health, peace, eternal life, salvation, friends, church, home, possessions, family, self, and the list goes on.


I think God’s grace is quite like an ice cream cone.  Jesus said, “It will be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over; it will be put into our lap.”  Luke 6:38


Most likely, our Heavenly Father will say, “Look, you have it all over yourself.”  Thank God that His love and mercy do run all over us.


                          Summer blessings & enjoy many ice cream cones,

                                                               Pastor Devie

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